September 28, 2023

The second 2024 republican presidential primary debate, which took place last night, ended just as it began, with the former United States of America’s president, Mr. Donald trump, who is yet to appear alongside his rivals onstage, as the party’s dominant front-runner.

The seven GOP contenders in the showdown at the Ronald Reagan presidential library in California, however provided a handful of memorable moments, with former south Carolina governor; MS Nikki Haley, unloading what often seemed like the entire field’s pent-up frustration with entrepreneur; Mr. Vivek Ramaswamy.

Two candidates; Florida Governor, Mr. Ron Desantis and former New Jersey governor; Mr. Chris Christie, criticized the former president’s absence, stating that he was missing in action and highlighting that he hides behind his golf clubs rather than defending his record on stage.

The GOP field also took early shots at president Joe Biden with the South Carolina senator, Tim Scott, stressing that the president, rather than joining the striking auto workers’ union on the picket line on Tuesday in Michigan, should be on the southern border while former vice-president; Mr. Mike Pence said that the president should be on the unemployment line.